Dr. Anil Modak currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of Owlstone Medical Cambridge, England and the former Associate Director of Medical Products R&D at Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc. in Teksbury, MA, has been involved in the design, research and development of novel non invasive breath tests for personalized medicine using stable isotope substrates for the diagnosis of disease states and evaluation of enzyme activity. He is the author of several patents, publications and has made several presentations around the world at medical/scientific conferences. He has reviewed several papers for reputed journals and authored three book chapters. He serves on the Editorial board of the Journal of Breath Research, Insights in Medical science, Journal of Pharmacogenomics & Pharmacoproteomics and International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology.
His previous experience includes working for Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals in Boulder, CO and Monsanto in St Louis, MO. His postdoctoral research was conducted at the University of Iowa and Kings College London. His research interests are mainly related to design and develop novel, non invasive, phenotype breath tests using stable isotope substrates for identifying responders/non responders for various drugs metabolized by specific polymorphic P450 CYP enzymes to enable physicians personalize medication for patients.


12|15 June 2022 - Pisa, Italy
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