Plenary Lectures
1 Anil Modak Why have only a handful of breath tests made the transition from R&D to clinical practice?
  George Hanna Breath analysis at the frontiers of cancer research
 59 Jane Hill New Frontiers: Introducing The Human Breath Atlas
 108 Cristina Davis Volatiles in biological systems shift with disease state: a universal paradigm connecting
human and animal breath analysis to plant and agriculture diagnostics
27 Paul Thomas Time’s arrow, and the moving target of your phenome. A brief meditation on root causes of variability
and irreproducible observations in breath research
Session: From Crete to Pisa – two decades of breath research Sunday 16:00-17:20
  Nandor Marczin Role of the Crete NATO Advanced Study Institute in  collaborative breath analysis
97 Marieann Högman From Crete to Pisa – what has happened in NO research
93 Wolfram Miekiseh Two decades of breath analysis for critical illness
Session: Breath biomarkers of Sars Cov-2 infection Monday 09:30-12:20
26 Makoto Sawano RT-PCR Diagnosis of COVID-19 from Exhaled Breath Condensate: wild-type and Delta variant
25 Rasmus Remy "Profiling of exhaled volatile organics in the screening scenario of a COVID-19 test centre"
46 Madiha Malik The Potential of Exhaled Breath Analysis in Detection of SARS-CoV-2
61 Alexandre Gaymard Development of an Immediate Diagnosis of COVID-19 by means of on-line mass spectrometry
44 Renelle Myers Breath Testing for Mild SARS CoV-2 Infection
58 Amalia Berna Discovery and clinical validation of breath biomarkers of SARS-CoV-2 infection in children
65 Nicholas J. Kenyon Diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection from exhaled breath volatiles using GC-MS
75 Laura Miles Breathing new life into data quality
Session: Spectroscopic methods for breath analysis Monday 09:30-10:50
18 Nick Rothbarth Human Breath Analysis by Millimeter-Wave Gas Spectroscopy
45 Mike Mirov Cr:ZnS Laser-Based Dual Comb Spectroscopy: a novel platform for breath analysis
56 Miloš Selaković Rapid spectroscopic detection of volatile organic compounds
with electrically tunable quantum-cascade lasers
43 Gunnar Johanson Diagnosis of acute cyanide intoxication among fire victims by breath analysis
Session: Sensors and sensor systems Monday 11:20-13:00
29 Ines Weber Metabolic health monitoring through breath acetone detection with compact sensors
9 Andreas Güntner Screening Methanol Poisoning with a Portable Breath Detector
72 Alexander Pospelov New express method for real-time breath analysis with quantum point-contact sensors
71 Gennadii Kamarchuk Quantum point-contact sensors: new mechanisms and concepts for real-time breath analysis
38 Rosamaria Capuano Colorectal cancer detection by breath analysis using a gas sensor array. A preliminary study
Session: Standardization of breath collection and instrumentation Monday 14:30-16:30
87 Jens Herbig Variability of Breath-Borne Volatiles – Curse or Blessing?
4 Sean Harshmann A Searchable Food and Drink Related Volatile Organic Compound Library
for Exhaled Breath Contaminant Determination
52 Y. Lan Pham Uptake and emissions of volatiles from materials used in-line during breath sampling
35 Karl Unterkofler Understanding patterns and variations in breath gas concentrations - what we can learn from modeling
60 Kavita Jeerage Multicomponent Gas Standards for Breath Biomarker Analysis
34 Chad Schaber Towards Standardization: Breath Biopsy® OMNI Assay for Enhanced Biomarker Discovery
Session: Breath biomarkers of microbial infections Monday 14:30-16:30
57 Agi Smolinska Non-invasive breath collection in murine models: an optimization and case study on abdominal sepsis
66 Antao Gao Identification of Burkholderia pseudomallei infection using patient breath
14 Patricia Fuchs Monitoring of VOC-profiles during Streptococcus suis infection in pigs
12 Nele Kemnitz Mass spectrometric breath screening of patients with pulmonary bacterial infections
39 Waqar Ahmed Targeting microbial volatiles as biomarkers of lung infection in the ICU
Session: Breath tests targeting unmet clinical needs Tuesday 09:30-10:50
2 Tobias Walser Zurich Exhalomics - Breath Analysis at the forefront
of research and clinical development
112 Fabio Di Francesco Breath biomarkers of heart failure
82 Renate Kos Targeted exhaled breath analysis for detection of respiratory pathogens in cystic fibrosis patients
81 Nicholas Smith Idealised Lung Clearance Indices for Paediatric Patients
Session: Breath analysis and cancer research Tuesday 11:20-12:20
63 Jolanda Palmisani Breath analysis for early detection of pulmonary pathologies as malignant pleural mesothelioma
89 Sarah Haywood-Small Volatile Organic Compound Analysis of a Chorioallantoic Membrane Model
within Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
22 E. Schillebeeckx Breath analysis allows to predict treatment response in malignant pleural mesothelioma patients
88 Kiran Sankar Maiti Diagnosis of prostate cancer via infrared spectroscopy of breath
76 Theo Issitt Metabolism of volatile compounds, including methyl halides in cells under varying conditions,
mice and humans to diagnose breast cancer
Session: Data analysis and interpretation Tuesday 09:30-10:50
24 Camille Roquencourt Processing and analysis of PTR-TOF mass spectrometry data for biomarker discovery
in exhaled breath: application to COVID-19 intubated ventilated patient
51 R. van Vorstenbosch The detection of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis using an optimized methodology for Fecal VOC analysis
using the Microchamber Thermal Extractor
28 Celia Mallafré-Muro Breath analysis for the detection of pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in bronchiectasis
patients using electronic nose and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
31 Monika Śmiełowska Screening for volatile biomarkers of colorectal cancer by analysing breath and fecal samples
using thermal desorption combined with GC-MS (TD-GC-MS)
Session: Analytical methods for breath biomarker detection Tuesday 11:20-12:20
30 Bogusław Buszewski Comparative study of breath and fecal samples
73 Wolfgang Vautz From Security to Health: Breath-based information obtained by GC-Ion Mobility Spectrometry
99 Thomas Wortelman GC-IMS plus various sampling Techniques to test for individual Volatiles at sup-ppb level
100 Antonello Laricchiuta New Sampling and Vacuum Extraction Techniques for Improving Quantitative Measurements of Volatile through Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in Breath
Session: Volatile signatures of asthma in breath Tuesday 14:30-16:30
36 Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz Exhaled VOCs are linked to house dust mite-atopy in asthmatics and wheezers:
results from the U-BIOPRED cohorts
53 Ronja Weber Metabolic signatures for allergic asthma in children by online breath analysis
69 Yoni .E. van Dijk Analysis of metabolites in exhaled breath for the phenotyping of eosinophilic asthma in children
55 Alexander Moeller Asthma diagnosis in children by real-time breath analysis
90 Andrei Malinovschi Exhaled and nasal nitric oxide in clinical guidelines
Session: Five shades of breath analysis Tuesday 14:30-16:30
84 Inger Lise Gade Bottom-up proteomic analysis of the exhaled breath condensate
from twenty-six individual healthy persons
6 Pritam Sukul Effects of COVID-19 protective face-masks and wearing durations onto respiratory haemodynamic
physiology and exhaled breath constituents
23 Sarah Dowling A clinical investigation into the ability of lung impaired subjects to provide screening
and evidential breath specimens
79 Simonetta Capone Blood, urine and semen Volatilome analysis exploring health risk in contaminated areas in Italy
85 Joris Meurs Non-invasive monitoring of participants during a multi-day walking event.
Two case studies of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches
Young scientist session Wednesday 10:10-13:00
78 Hannah Schanzmann Ion mobility and mass spectrometry in combination with gas chromatography
for the detection of nosocomial infections: first results
94 Federico Vivaldi A low cost setup for dispensing internal standard into needle trap microextraction devices
for a reliable breath and environmental analyses
11 Daria Slefarska-Wolak Volatilomic footprints of AGS-1, SNU-1, CLS-145 and HGC-27 gastric cancer cell lines
19 Eline Janssens Breath Biomarkers for Pleural Mesothelioma: An External Validation Study
50 Ning Sun Profiling Volatile Organic Compounds from Human Plasma Using GC×GC-ToFMS
21 Iris van der Sar Unsupervised clustering of electronic nose data in patients with sarcoidosis
20 Nynke Wijbenga Detection of chronic lung allograft dysfunction in lung transplant recipients using an electronic nose
96 Carmen Bax An Experimental Apparatus for E-Nose Breath Analysis in Respiratory Failure Patients
42 Franziska Lochmann Non-invasive CYP2C9 breath tests for predicting individual drug responses
41 Kathleen Zwijsen Analysis of VOCs in exhaled breath as screening method for malignant pleural mesothelioma in an asbestos-exposed population
40 Lorenzo Petralia A novel methodology towards the functional location of inflammation in eosinophilic asthma
Session: Skin volatilome and other stories Wednesday 11:20-12:40
37 Aoife Morrin Skin Volatilomics: Translating for Wearable Biodiagnostics for Health Monitoring
106 Tobias Bruderer A novel method to analyze sweat volatiles during fear stimulation with dynamic headspace extraction
and comprehensive GCxGC high resolution MS
49 Amy Worrall Predicting Pathology: Examining the Health of Inner Ear Cells via VOC Sampling
to Facilitate Early Intervention in Age Related Hearing Loss










12|15 June 2022 - Pisa, Italy
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