The final programme and conference sessions will be defined based on talks proposed from conference attendees.
Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

Breath test for the clinics
Breath tests targeting unmet clinical needs;
Current breath tests in the clinics;
Validation studies.

✔ Breath analysis and pandemics
Safety measures for conducting breath research in the era of pandemics;
Breath biomarkers of SARS CoV2 infection.

✔ Instrumentation
Analytical methods for breath biomarker detection;
Sensors and sensor systems for breath analysis;
Outpatient diagnostics: new instruments coming to market (NO, H2, CO2, VOC pattern);
Analysis of breath condensate;
Nitric oxide;
Standardization of breath collection and instrumentation;
Development and regulatory challenges for breath tests.

✔ Data analysis
Data analysis and interpretation.

✔ Mechanistic studies
Breath physiology and physics of breathing;
Infections in model systems, in vitro studies;
Breath biomarkers with probe molecules (e.g. targeting specific enzymatic or biological processes);
Breath malodour.

✔ Environmental studies
Exposure to volatile pollutants.

✔ The research field of breath analysis
Two decades in breath markers of disease: from Crete to Pisa;
Breath research towards the future: young scientist session.

12|15 June 2022 - Pisa, Italy
CNR Auditorium CNR Research Area
Via G.Moruzzi, 1 - Pisa - Italy
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