We think that sharing, and explaining, good practice in a friendly and welcoming learning space provides an excellent opportunity to develop a sound introductory foundation to the difficult, and cross-disciplinary, challenges encountered in breath analysis and volatilomics.

This is why we are delighted to announce a new element to our Breath summit for 2022 with this short course. Other important benefits from our course are: it’s an excellent preparation for the Breath Summit; and it’s a great networking opportunity and introduction to the IABR community.

We want to encourage the adoption of standardised approaches in breath research and so our learning outcome for this inaugural course is:

“to describe and plan the essential elements required for a standardised volatilomic workflow”

Over seven hours we will adopt an Analytical Quality by Design approach that defines an end-to-end workflow. This enables us to study the most problematic elements, that we all must master, in the delivery of effective breath research study outcomes. Three lectures and two workshop exercise sessions will cover:
• Pipelines and workflows for standardisation;
• Study designs;
• Study management and quality assurance and quality control;
• Data processing and management; and,
• Data modelling.

The course will take place on Sunday 12th June 2022 at room 27 in the CNR (Conference venue) starting at 08:45 and finishing at 15:00.

The registration fee for the course is: €325 for IABR members and €425 for all other delegates.

The Course will be activated with a minimum of 10 participants with a maximum of 20 attendees. The selection of participants will be done in a chronological order of registration, people that will not be selected will be complete refunded.

Your tutor team will be:

paul thomasProf C. L. Paul Thomas has studied trace volatile organic compound determination since 1985 and has been teaching breath analysis to postgraduates since 2005. He has coordinated and led many and varied VOC research studies across the world and is a specialist post-graduate lecturer and tutor.  Paul will be the course lead for sampling, analytical-science, and QA/QC systems for volatilomics.

smolinskaDr. A. Smolinska has been investigating machine-learning in pre-clinical and clinical studies since 2008 and consequently tutoring data analysis to postgraduates. She has been coordinating various projects on VOC application and development for various biomedical areas. Agi will be responsible for data pre-processing and modelling part of the course.

vorstenboschR. van Vorstenbosch has been investigating machine-learning in relation to gut health using multi-omics approaches. Here, VOC analysis of breath and feces has been a core aspect. Other focus areas have included method development and fundamental chemometrics. Robert will support the data pre-processing and modelling part of the course.

12|15 June 2022 - Pisa, Italy
CNR Auditorium CNR Research Area
Via G.Moruzzi, 1 - Pisa - Italy
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